Welcome to MikeReisel.com, my online portfolio of art direction and illustration. You’ll see samples of my best work and you’ll either say “awesome, hire him now!”, or “meh”, or “that’s the best he’s got?” Here you’ll find ad campaigns for endurance sports races, magazine art direction, illustration, logos, and apparel design. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and was raised on comic books, video games, sci-fi, and mythology. As I’ve “matured”, my tastes haven’t moved on too much, but I have incorporated endurance sports, rock ‘n roll, and healthy eating. I’ve worked in small business to business ad agencies, a big Chicago promotions concern, 2 video game magazines, a comic book rag, a health and fitness newspaper section and 10 plus years art directing magazines that blanket the endurance sports field. I’ve executed illustrations for everyone I’ve worked for in both digital and traditional media. My illustrations are also available on istockphoto.com and my art has graced shirts on Threadless, ShirtWoot, and Jinx. I can handle the Adobe Creative Suite and I know some coding, including this whole site, from scratch. I work well I’d love to hear from you for fulltime, freelance, or illustration work. Thanks for looking! HOME

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