THE CAT TREE. I love cats! There, I said it. I also love dogs and most other animals. The exceptions are snakes and crocodiles. I know the reptiles are marvels of nature, but they freak me out. Back to the illustration. I love cats. I'm fascinated by the variety of shapes, sizes, social structures and camouflage in basically the same animal. The tiger, the largest felid, can get as big as 850 pounds, while the average house cat is around 8.5 pounds. The tiger is 100 times larger! I wanted to show the various cat species from the biggest at the bottom, to our pint-sized predators at the top, doing what cats do best, lounging on a cat tree. I drew each cat separately, inked them, scanned them, and composed the piece in Photoshop. All of the color was done in Photshop. This art can be printed on various media and purchased at Society6.

Cat Tree